Eclipse Long Leash (cópia) (cópia) (cópia) (cópia) - buy online
Eclipse Long Leash (cópia) (cópia) (cópia) (cópia) - buy online

Eclipse Long Leash (cópia) (cópia) (cópia) (cópia)

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The Long Leash is our first variable length leash. Made to make your life easier, this leash can be adjusted in 3 different positions - long, medium and short - using a super hook.

Use the 2 meter long position to give your dog more freedom, shorten it to 0,9 meters if you want to enhance control during walks, ou just wrap it around your body for a hands-free walking.

Like all our products, it is handmade with the finest materials available.

Complete the set with any Martingale.